Enabling Apple Pay

Enabling Apple Pay on your Appcharge checkout requires you to register every domain that Apple Pay will be loaded on, including test environments.

Why Apple Pay domain registration is required

Apple requires all merchants to register & verify each domain that Apple Pay will be used in. Access to the Apple Pay API will be granted after a successful domain verification.

Appcharge will register & verify your domain(s) for you with Apple during your onboarding process. Alternatively, you can register your domains directly with Apple by yourself. Follow the below guides to proceed with domain registration.

Have Appcharge register your domain(s) for you

Follow these steps to register your domains with Appcharge

  1. Provide Appcharge with a list of every domain/subdomain that your checkout will be loaded in, including test environments. Please specify which domain(s) will be used for production.
  2. AppCharge will register your domains with Apple and send back a certification file
  3. Upload the certification file to all relevant domain(s) as per the following: your-domain.com/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association
  4. Notify Appcharge once the certification file was uploaded. AppCharge will verify your certifications
  5. Once verification is complete, make an Apple Pay test transaction in your test environment to ensure correct integration.

Register your domains with Apple yourself

Use your Apple merchant account to register your domains with Apple directly.

  1. Follow Apple's domain registration guide for Apple Pay.
  2. Repeat the domain registration and verification process for each domain, including test domains.