Currency conversions

  1. Introduction
    This policy outlines the approach and procedures for currency conversions associated with international transactions processed by Appcharge, a merchant of record white label solution business operating globally. It aims to ensure transparent, efficient, and fair currency conversion practices in line with the capabilities provided by our various payment processing partners. Appcharge uses the rates that it is being charged and doesn't benefit from currency exchange rate additional fees.
  2. Currency Conversion for Transactions
    2.1 Presentment Currency
    Appcharge supports processing charges in 60+ currencies, allowing prices to be presented in players' native currencies to improve sales and help customers avoid conversion costs.
    For the Checkout solution Publishers are required to specify the presentment currency when creating a Checkout session. For the Store solution, the localization and selection of the relevant price point and currency will be done by the Appcharge platform.
    2.2 Settlement Currency
    Payments will automatically be converted to the publisher's default settlement currency(USD) using the exchange rate at the time of the charge. This policy is designed to protect earnings from rate fluctuations between the payment and anticipated payouts.
  3. Foreign Exchange Rates
    Appcharge generally applies the mid-market rate for currency conversions, which is the average between the buy and sell prices of a currency. This rate is sourced from third-party service providers.
    The actual exchange rate applied is highly dynamic and being. refreshed every ~3 hours. The publisher can view the latest rates in the price points tab in the Appcharge Dashboard. Note that the viewed rate is the baseline rate currency conversion cost.
  4. Conversions on Disputes and Refunds
    In the event of a dispute or refund for a currency-converted payment, the amount received by the publisher will be converted back to the presentment currency at the current exchange rate. This may result in an amount more or less than the original payment due to market fluctuations.
    Customers will be refunded the exact amount they paid in the currency they used, regardless of any rate fluctuations.
  5. Policy Amendments
    Appcharge reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary to reflect changes in regulations, operational requirements, or agreements with payment processing partners.