Gets all transactions

Response fields reference:

  • totalCount - the total count of orders that were returned.
  • results - the array containing the orders:
    • acOrderId - Appcharge order Id.
    • currency - The ISO 4217 currency code that the player paid with.
    • currencyExchangeCost - The cost of the exchange. There is no conversion cost for USD.
    • amountTotal - price in cents - the player paid price amount in cents of the local currency, for example: 1999 Represents 19.99.
    • acOfferId - Appcharge offer Id.
    • publisherOfferId - the publisher offer Id as was reported to Appcharge.
    • offerName - the name of the offer.
    • createdAt - the time when the order was created, in UTC.
    • playerId - the ID of the player that placed the order, that is returned by the publisher, in the authentication phase.
    • state - the status of the order (as is described in the "statuses" body param).
    • reason - the reason in case of a failure.
    • offerDetails - the details of the purchased offer:
      • products - an array containing the products that were included in the purchased offer:
        • name - the name of the product.
        • publisherProductId - the Id that the publisher assigned to the product.
        • amount - the quantity of the product.
      • price - the price point (in USD) of the offer.
    • tax - The player paid tax amount in cents of the local currency
    • taxInDollar - The player paid tax amount in USD cents
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