OTP login method for players.

To activate OTP login for players, follow these steps:

Contact Appcharge Support:
Reach out to the Appcharge support team to enable OTP login. Provide the following details:

  1. Preferred code type: 4 or 6 digits
  2. Webhook for deep-link and access token generation

OTP Authentication Flow:

  1. Publisher-Appcharge Interaction:
    The publisher provides Appcharge with deep links and access tokens for player authentication.
  2. Appcharge-Publisher Interaction:
    1. When a player uses OTP authentication:
    2. Appcharge sends the entered code and the player's access token via an authentication webhook to the publisher.
      The publisher authenticates the player based on the provided method and parameters from Appcharge.
  3. Player's Perspective:
    • Desktop:
    1. The player selects OTP login and receives a link/QR code.
      Opening/scanning the link redirects the player to an external app, where they receive a 6 or 4-digit code.
    2. The player enters these digits into the login screen and clicks 'login.'
    • Mobile:
    1. The player selects OTP login.
    2. Appcharge generates a deep link via the webhook, redirecting the player to the provided link.
    3. The publisher redirects the player to the web store with the proof key query parameter, indicating the preferred code type:
      Example: https://publisher-web-store/login?proofKey=xxxx
      Feel free to adjust the specifics based on your platform's requirements or if there are any additional steps needed.