Player Payment Real Time SDK Events

The Appcharge checkout will fire the following front-end side events to enable realtime analytics for the publisher usage:

Event nameDescription
onOrderCreatedA checkout was created successfully
onCloseThe checkout was closed by the player
onPaymentIntentSuccessA player has made a successful payment
onOrderCompletedSuccessfullyThe publisher has acknowledged that a player's account was awarded with the purchase (This event follows the onPaymentIntentSuccess event)
onPaymentIntentFailedA player tried to make a payment, and the payment failed. (Mostly due to card decline or incomplete APM flow)
onOrderCompletedFailedThe award has failed, although the payment was successful

Below are the parameters that will be added to the relevant events:

orderIdUnique identifier for the order.All
dateEpoch timestampAll
bundleIdIdentifier for the bundle.All
bundleNameName of the bundle associated with the orderAll
bundleSKUStock Keeping Unit (SKU) for the bundle.All
products\[]An array of products included in the order.All
sessionIdIdentifier for the session associated with the order.All
totalSumThe total sum of the order.All
totalSumCurrencyCurrency of the total sum.All
userCountryThe country associated with the user.All
userIdIdentifier for the user placing the order.All
reasonReason for the order or additional notes.onPaymentIntentFailed onOrderCompletedFailed
paymentMethodNameName of the payment method used for the order.onPaymentIntentSuccess onOrderCompletedSuccessfully onPaymentIntentFailed``onOrderCompletedFailed