Support Price Points Localization

As a component of our checkout solution, we also allow price localization based on the player's geographical location. During the initialization phase (Init function) of the Appcharge FE SDK, we will determine the player's geolocation and provide the SDK with a list of pre-configured price points. This list will subsequently be accessible through a new method called getPricePoints in the SDK.

High-Level Tech Flow:

  1. Configure the price points in the dashboard
    (For more information please follow the Price Points Dashboard Setup guide)
  2. Execute the Init in the store lunch phase in a sync manner
  3. Get your price points from the SDK with a new function called getPricePoints
    1. USD price
    2. Formatted price including currency symbol and presentational details
  4. Using the price points present your offers
  5. When the player chooses an offer, execute createCheckoutSession with the relevant offer