Player Auth API for Publishers

  1. The player chooses an auth method (FB, Apple ID, Google ID, etc) and authenticates themselves. Appcharge uses the provided App Id (FB), clientId (Apple), and client_id (Google), etc, on their frontend to get the client token. We also support internal user token and user name and password authentications.
  2. Appcharge supports FB login using react-facebook-login library, Google login using react-oauth/google library and Apple login with both response type of code and id_token functionallities.
    Note that Appcharge using by default the response type code for Apple login. in order to use id_token please let us know.
  3. The webhook URL is configured in Appcharge’s management dashboard.
  4. The App ID per auth method is configured in the dashboard.
  5. The auth details are sent to the game server.
  6. A response is returned containing the following player details:
    1. Valid player or not.
    2. Publisher Player Id.
    3. Player Name.
    4. External Profile Picture.
      v.List of currencies and their balance.
  7. Reference to FB, Apple, and Google Auth documentation:
    1. FB FE, FB BE.
    2. Apple.
    3. Google.


For OTP authentication method please visit: OTP Authentication