AC Agent Integration Manual

Technical aids for publishers to work with our API.

What is The Appcharge Agent and what is its purpose?

The Appcharge Agent is used for communication between Appcharge’s system and the Publisher Server for:

  • Player authentication
  • Player Info Sync
  • Player Orders Reporting
  • Offer API
  • Reporting API

We at Appcharge want to make this integration as easy as possible.

Hence, we implemented working templates in various programming languages, so you can use them as is, adjust them according to your system’s logic, or use them as a code snippet.

We aim to reduce integration time and provide publishers with a quick and easy way to work with Appcharge, allowing them to focus on aspects Appcharge cannot assist with, such as internal data mapping to the Appcharge agent.

How to work with the repositories template:

Select the repository of your preferred programming language:

Java Agent

Node Agent

Ruby/Sinatra Agent

Python/Flask Agent

Dotnet 6.0 Agent

Php/Symfony Agent

  • In the code, you will find mentions of TODOs that you will need to complete.
    • You will check the implementation guidelines in the integration guide and the TODO comment section.
  • You will find guidelines on how to run the agent under README.
  • Docker packing instructions are also included in the README.

API Authentication

All the requests to the agent are signed using signature hashing with keys that are configurable at the dashboard. Upon receiving a request validate the hash to make sure it’s Appcharge.

When sending a request to Appcharge sign the request as described in the Agent so we will be able to verify it’s you.