Here you will find explanation about all the entities in the system

NameDescriptionExampleCan be created fromPrerequisite for
ProductA list of your products, that will be attached to the offersCoins, Chips, Chests, Card packs...DashboardOffers, Product sequence
Offers UIThe UI that will be attached to your offers. Includes: background image, title, title colorDashboardOffers
BadgesA list of your badges, that will be presented on offers 'Most Popular', 'Best Value'...DashboardOffers
OffersThe configuration of the offers that the player will see in the store. There are 2 offer types:
- Bundles - store tiles
- Special offers - the promotions that will appear in the store gallery
Product sequence Relevant only for rolling offers , for any other offer (store tile, single promotion) report all products under sequence ‘1’Dashboard/API