Player Info Sync - V1

Player Info Sync V1 Webhook API

Response fields reference:

  • status - request was valid / invalid
  • playerName - the player name
  • sessionMetadata - This entity serves as a versatile container for storing any pertinent information related to the player's session. It will be sent back in the Player Orders Reporting web-hook, and Player Info Sync (if it's enabled). Can be of any data type.
  • offers - The list of offers to show to the player. Daily Bonus offer is not supported in V1.
    • offers.publisherOfferId - the publisher's offer id
    • offers.offerPlayerAvailability - The number of times the player already purchased the limited offer
    • offers.productsSequence - the list of sequences in the offer
      • offers.productsSequence.index - the index of the sequence
      • offers.productsSequence.products - the products in the sequence
        • offers.productsSequence.products.publisherProductId - the product Id
        • offers.productsSequence.products.quantity - the quantity of the product
        • offers.productsSequence.products.badgeText - the product's badge text
        • offers.productsSequence.products.rarityProductInfo - the rarity information of the product
          • offers.productsSequence.products.rarityProductInfo.stars - The number of icons (stars) that are representing the rarity of the product and will displayed next to the product and inside the tooltip
          • offers.productsSequence.products.rarityProductInfo.tooltipText - The text of the tooltip
          • offers.productsSequence.products.rarityProductInfo.rarityText - The text that will appear next to the product and inside the tooltip, before the rarity icons (starts)
    • offers.dynamicOfferUi - the dynamic OfferUi details
      • offers.dynamicOfferUi.badges - the list of badges in the offer
        • offers.dynamicOfferUi.badges.publisherBadgeId - the publisher's badge id
        • offers.dynamicOfferUi.badges.position - This field is outdated. The position of the badge should be set from Dashboard only.
      • offers.dynamicOfferUi.salePercentage - the sale percentage of the offer
  • segments - the list of segments of the player
  • balances - a list of product balances of the player
    • balances.publisherProductId - the publisher's product id
    • balances.balance - the quantity of the product
  • focus
    • focus.publisherBundleId - the id of the bundle to focus on in the web store
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